Lighten Up Your Life With Silhouette Lightweight Frames

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In a state-of-the-art eyewear workshop tucked away in the Austrian town of Linz an 800-strong workforce of artisans, creatives and engineers is buzzing with activity.  Designers are poring over inspiration for collections due to come out in two years’ time; the colour department is pulling together trend boards; while scientists experiment with cutting-edge sun lens technology.

This is the headquarters of Silhouette, the world-famous eyewear brand renowned for crafting exceptional eyewear and the very best rimless glasses.

Over the years the brand has built its sterling reputation around combining state-of-the-art technology with stunning minimalist design.  Timeless simplicity is prioritised over catering to the latest fad styles, the result of which is the brand’s iconic lightweight glasses.


Many of our patients claim that Silhouette lightweight frames have completely transformed their vision experience.  So why should you choose to go rimless with Silhouette?

  • Timeless Style – flattering, rimless glasses are the ideal eyewear for anyone who wants to avoid obscuring their face and instead open out their features with frames that appear almost invisible.
  • Unparalleled Comfort – Silhouette’s designers have always gone by the mantra “less weight is more comfort; less frame is more freedom,” refining their frames year on year to the extent that the latest collection feels almost weightless.
  • Visual Clarity – these lightweight glasses open out your field of vision, letting in more light and offering you a panoramic view of the world unobstructed by frame edges.
  • Superior Quality – each pair of Silhouette frames is meticulously crafted over many months using only the finest materials to ensure utmost durability. Silhouette’s Atelier Collection builds on this premium quality ethos by using opulent precious materials to give each pair a luxurious finish.
  • Technical Prowess – Silhouette’s commitment to innovation could have no higher accolade than its ongoing partnership with NASA. Since 2002, Silhouette lightweight frames have adorned astronauts’ faces, featuring dark lenses, no hinge screws and frames that weigh just 1.8 grams.  This technology is fed into the rest of the brand’s lightweight glasses, setting the gold standard for technical innovation across the eyewear industry.

This exceptional standard has taken over 50 years to develop.

Founded in 1964, Silhouette was among the first pioneering companies to re-imagine eyewear as a fashionable accessory as well as a practical vision-correction tool.  This approach proved popular amongst fashion-conscious European clientele, and Silhouette soon became the go-to spectacles brand for movie stars and discerning individuals around the globe.

The brand is immensely proud of its past, and today the extensive company archive continues to serve as inspiration for the latest collections of lightweight glasses which count Queen Elizabeth II, Bing Crosby, Elton John, Carla Bruni, Lady Gaga, Patrick Dempsey and Cate Blanchett among their patrons.

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So if you’d like to experience the best rimless glasses for yourself, why not visit one of the Ferrier & MacKinnon practices and try on the latest collection of Silhouette lightweight frames…

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