Preparing for Christmas: Home Eye Tests

Home Eye Tests

Everyone should have access to exceptional eye care, so if you can’t get to one of our practices this Christmas, we’ll bring the practice to you!

As the dark months set in, it’s doubly important to get your eyes tested to avoid accidents and enjoy the festive TV schedule with clarity.  As one of the most trusted home visiting opticians in Scotland, Ferrier & MacKinnon Optometrists takes great pride in offering home visits to patients who find it difficult to travel to an optician unaccompanied. As mobile opticians who offer domiciliary eye tests, we have invested in equipment to ensure every patient is served with the very best clinical eye care from the comfort of your own home.

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We are home visiting opticians in Scotland for domiciliary eye tests

If you’re unable to visit the optician due to mental or physical disability, you may be eligible for an NHS-funded free home eye test. Factors that may qualify you include:

• Aged 60+
• Registered as blind or partially sighted
• Being at risk from or suffering with glaucoma
• Having diabetes
• Aged 40+ with a family history of glaucoma
• Receiving benefits
• On low income
• Holder of an NHS tax credit exemption certificate

The first step to booking one of our domiciliary eye tests is to request your visit online or over the phone. We’ll check to see if you qualify for a free home eye test and arrange a convenient time to visit you. One of our highly qualified optometrists will drop by for your appointment, which begins with an informal chat and a few questions about your overall health, medical history, lifestyle and concerns, so we can offer you advice tailored to your specific needs.

Our home eye tests last around 45-60 minutes, including the time it takes to set up the portable kit. It will include most of the usual tests carried out at the practice, but there may be a few slight differences in the way they’re completed. A typical examination will include an eye chart test for short and long sightedness, peripheral vision tests, eye pressure measurement and an overview to work out whether you need an upgrade to your prescription.

Our at home eye tests check far more than your eyesight, though.  They also help us assess the general health of your eyes, and check for signs of vision-threatening conditions. A comprehensive eye examination is often the only way to spot the onset of complex problems such as cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and macular degeneration, so it’s important to book regular appointments so we can monitor your eye health over time.

When your eye examination is complete, we’ll discuss your results and advise on any treatment plans or lifestyle changes to improve your eye health. If you need new glasses, we’ll help you select a pair from our extensive catalogue to meet your style and budget (you may qualify for an NHS subsidy).  We’ll arrange a time to return to you as soon as your glasses are ready to fit them properly.

home eyetest service

If you can’t get to the practice over the festive season and are looking for a home visiting opticians in Scotland, check to see if you qualify for our free home eye test and request one of our domiciliary eye tests online or give us a call at one of our various practices. We are located in Burntisland, Cowdenbeath, Dunfermline, Inverkeithing, Kinross, Lochee, and Newport-on-Tay. If you’d like to see what satisfied patients have to say about our home service, simply click here. It’s our duty to make sure that you enjoy Christmas with clarity and comfort this year! If you want to book an appointment online, please click here.

We look forward to seeing you soon!