Why Choose Zeiss Lenses for Glasses This Winter?

How confident do you feel on the road when the weather takes a turn for the worst? Driving at night through sleet, snow or rainfall is certainly more demanding on your attention, but it also poses a greater challenge for your vision. This is something the technology experts at Zeiss, one of the world’s leading glasses lens manufacturers, have grappled with. This ultimately led to their development of Zeiss DriveSafe lenses – prescription lenses designed specifically to make driving less taxing on your vision and consequently a safer experience. 

How Do DriveSafe Lenses Work?

Zeiss lenses for glasses are already world-renowned for their precision and clarity but with DriveSafe their lens technology reaches a whole new level. These lenses perform well for everyday tasks but come into their own when driving, especially during the darker days of winter. Here’s how: 

1) By Improving Vision In Low-Light Conditions

DriveSafe lenses incorporate Luminance Design Technology which factors in the increase in pupil size which occurs in low-light conditions, such as during rainfall, overcast days, twilight or at night. Why is this important? Because although increased pupil size lets in more light when it is dark, it also decreases your ability to judge distances and your spatial perception — both key to driving safely. The algorithms used in the creation of Luminance Design Technology, therefore, use slightly different pupil sizes to those found in other lenses. 

2) By Reducing Glare

As nightfall draws in earlier as we head into winter, headlights and streetlights are turned on sooner. These may keep the roads well-lit but they also result in glare which can temporarily impair vision. DriveSafe lenses have a special coating to reflect the wavelengths of light from artificial sources thought to be responsible for glare. When compared to other anti-reflective coatings, it has proven to reduce glare perception by up to 64%.

3) By Improving Visibility When Switching Focus

DriveSafe lenses are available in both single vision and varifocal prescriptions. As any wearer of varifocal glasses will attest, switching focus with these on can take some getting used to. When driving, there is no room for error and your focus often has to switch from the road to the dashboard, rear and side-view mirrors. Zeiss varifocal lenses, made specifically for the DriveSafe range, accommodate this with larger mid-distance and far-distance zones, enabling faster switching of focus. 

Together, these 3 adaptations, made specifically for driving, ensure that DriveSafe lenses do exactly as their name suggests — make driving safer. It’s why we’re proud to provide Zeiss DriveSafe lenses at Ferrier & MacKinnon Optometrists, your opticians in Dunfermline, Kinross, Inverkeithing and elsewhere across Fife and Tayside. To find out more about these cutting-edge lenses, visit or get in touch with any one of our 7 practices and our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions!