We’re delighted that so many of our patients have, for 25 years, continued to trust us with their eyesight, extending to their families and even further afield!
Here are a selection of testimonials that our patients have been kind enough to leave for us.

I recently had a very pleasant and efficient eye care experience at your Dunfermline office.  Being a long term contact lens wearer, I was used to attending a variety of opticians and dispensaries over 40 years.

On moving back to Edinburgh, I went to a large chain optician in the city centre.  Both times I attended, speed was of the essense for the practitioner, we raced through the eye test, shot out of the cubicle to look at photos of the eyeball, then I was passed quickly to reception for all forms to be signed.  I felt I had had little or no eye contact with the person who was testing me throughout the appointment.  I was processed like a pea.

As I began to despair at ever finding a nice homely opticians, where they had time to see you as a person and answer your questions, started to fade, I came across Ferrier & MacKinnon, which has restored my faith in human nature. Their Inverkeithing branch were very helpful in directing me to Dunfermline for contact lens care – even phoning up afterwards to ensure I had received appropriate advice!

I have been very pleased with the service I received, felt that good heed was taken of my individual needs, found everyone in the shop to be empathetic and I would not hesitate to recommend this company to other customers.

Ms Williams, Edinburgh

[My wife] is a big fan of your shop in Burntisland, great staff, great service

Michael (@mikdudley)

I have nothing but praise for the years of excellent care and service from the Dunfermline branch.  My daughter Mia had her first glasses fitted aged 11 months!! And for the last 10 years we have been served with care and patience as she’s grown.

She’s now wearing contacts and is delighted…. again the patience and sensitivity as she mastered the technique from the staff was appreciated…

I highly recommend this company and would trust no one else when it comes to delicate eyes!!…

L T, Dunfermline

Excellent service at this optician. Front office staff friendly and helpful and Mr Gordon the optician provided a full and comprehensive eye test.  I am very grateful for such an efficient team.  Highly recommend this branch.

Ms Fleming, Dunfermline

Went to this opticians in Cowdenbeath after having a bad experience elsewhere. They were brilliant, took her time but very quick and efficient felt good not to get passed

from pillar to post THANKYOU at making my visit very pleasant ♥


They are brilliant. They helped with all the problems with my eyes after my accident. Couldn’t have asked or found better service and now good friends. ♥


I ♥ Ferrier & MacKinnon Optometrists! I am sitting at a healthy distance from my computer screen, NOT squinting, thanks to them. Support your local businesses!